Computational-Qualitative Field Research


Virtual Seminar, Jan-Aug 2016

Computational-Qualitative Field Research – Virtual Seminar

Recent advances in both the availability of digital trace data as well as tools for analyzing such data. These trends make new forms of research both possible and necessary. This seminar intends to provide its participants with tools and insights necessary to navigate the emerging data landscape. In particular, it is aimed towards scholars who come from primarily qualitative and narrative traditions, but who still want to take advantage of digital trace data and computational tools, without necessarily resorting to purely econometric methods.

The seminar will be organized by the Swedish Center for Digital Innovation ( and led by Aron Lindberg, Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Stevens Institute of Technology. He is also a research fellow at SCDI. His research focuses on applying computational tools to digital trace data with a qualitative mindset. The seminar will also have multiple visits from experienced scholars active within the field of computational-qualitative field research such as Nick Berente, James Gaskin, Ola Henfridsson, James Howison, Natalia Levina, Rikard Lindgren, Kalle Lyytinen, Ann Majczhrzak, Brian Pentland, and Youngjin Yoo.

The seminar will be delivered virtually during 14 biweekly, 3h long Friday 11 AM EST sessions, starting on January 22nd, 2016. The costs for the seminar component are $280 for students and $325 for faculty. If you also want to take part in the more individualized tutoring and training components, there is an additional cost of $200. Both doctoral students, pre-doctoral Master’s students, as well as junior faculty are welcome. To ensure a high-quality experience, participation will be limited to 16 for the full seminar, and 8 for tutoring on research proposals & training on computational methods. To sign up, send an email to with your CV and a short statement of your research interests. Please also specify whether you are interested in only the seminar, at the lower rate, or in all three components (seminar, tutoring, & training). The deadline for applications will be November 30th, 2015. Decisions on admittance to the seminar will be made by December 15th, 2015.

For a detailed syllabus, see:

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