TOC: Intl J Market Res


International Journal of Market Research, 57(5)

– Peter Mouncey

Viewpoint: The power of brand love
– Ryan Barker, Jeffrey Peacock and Marc Fetscherin

Reply to Viewpoint: Tainted love
– Jenni Romaniuk

Forum: The influence of Bill Schlackman on qualitative research
– Simon Patterson and Francesca Malpass

New conjoint approaches to scaling brand equity and optimising share of preference prediction
– Herve Guyon and Jean-Francois Petiot

A new approach to network analysis for brand positioning
– Hui-Ju Wang

Using choice experiments to find double jeopardy patterns
– Luke Greenacre, Arry Tanusondjaja, Steven Dunn and Bill Page

Eliminating order effects in association tasks without using randomisation
– Ian Durbach and Gareth Lloyd

The brand likeability scale: an exploratory study of likeability in firm-level brands
– Bang Nguyen, Yuksel Ekinci, Lyndon Simkin and T.C. Melewar

Book review: Jonathan Gabay, Brand psychology: consumer perceptions, corporate reputations

Book review: Sheila M. Keegan, The psychology of fear in organisations: how to transform anxiety into well-being, productivity and innovation