TOC: J Strat Mar


Journal of Strategic Marketing, 23(6)

Nigel Piercy & Carolyn Strong [Publisher]

Sustainability in business from a marketing perspective
Karin Tollin, Lars Bech Christensen & Ricky Wilke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A factor endowment approach to international market selection
Charles B. Ragland, Scott M. Widmier & Lance E. Brouthers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of MNC’s subsidiaries in creating multinational corporate brand
Morteza Khojastehpour & Raechel Johns [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Human resource management, services and relationship marketing: the potential for cross-fertilisation
Damianos Giannakis, Michael J Harker & Tom Baum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The value relevance of brand equity, intellectual capital and intellectual capital management capability
Jing Yang, Thomas G. Brashear & Anthony Asare [Publisher] [Google Scholar]