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Journal of Product Innovation Management, 32(6)

In This Issue
Gloria Barczak [Publisher]

Technologically Reflective Individuals as Enablers of Social Innovation
Fiona Schweitzer, Christiane Rau, Oliver Gassmann and Ellis van den Hende [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Soaking It Up: Absorptive Capacity in Interorganizational New Product Development Teams
Julia Backmann, Martin Hoegl and John L. Cordery [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What about Passive Innovation Resistance? Investigating Adoption-Related Behavior from a Resistance Perspective
Sven Heidenreich and Matthias Handrich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation Roadmapping: Building Concepts from Practitioners’ Insights
Lianne W. L. Simonse, Erik Jan Hultink and Jan A. Buijs [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perspective: Linking Design Thinking with Innovation Outcomes through Cognitive Bias Reduction
Jeanne Liedtka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Thematic Thinking and Individual Performance in Research and Development
Julia K. Froehlich, Martin Hoegl and Matthias Weiss [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Formalization, Communication Quality, and Opportunistic Behavior in R&D Alliances between Competitors
Sascha G. Walter, Achim Walter and Dirk Müller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Biotechnology Commercialization Strategies: Risk and Return in Interfirm Cooperation
Kenneth Fernald, Enrico Pennings and Eric Claassen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Licensing Foreign Technology and the Moderating Role of Local R&D Collaboration: Extending the Relational View
Yuandi Wang and Jason Li-Ying [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Package Graphic Design: Investigating the Variables that Moderate Consumer Response to Atypical Designs
Franck Celhay and Jean François Trinquecoste [Publisher] [Google Scholar]