Electronic Word of Mouth


Special Issue of International Journal of Advertising; Deadline 15 Jan 2016

Call for Papers:

Special Issue of International Journal of Advertising on Electronic Word of Mouth (e-WOM)

Extended abstract submissions must be received by January 15, 2016.

Full manuscript submissions must be received by June 15, 2016.

This special issue addresses broad questions regarding electronic word of mouth (e-WOM).

Word-of-mouth (WOM) has long been appreciated for its contribution to advertising and promotional program successes. e-WOM occurs on a variety of platforms, such as emails, blogs, consumer review websites and forums, virtual consumer communities, and social media. With the advent of Internet-based technologies, identifying influential individuals in online space and encouraging positive WOM among consumers has become more and more important. e-WOM has emerged as a new form of WOM, which facilities information exchange among consumers.

Since social media burst into the public consciousness, the diffusion of social networks has shaped the scope and pace of e-WOM processes and created various settings where WOM can generate considerable value for marketers across the world.

What is the current status of research on e-WOM? How has e-WOM shaped the advertising field? This special issue will seek to answer these questions broadly with academic research on e-WOM.

Topics: For this special issue, topics include but are not limited to the following:

e-WOM in social media (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Youtube); e-WOM in virtual communities; Big data and e-WOM; Brand commitment and e-WOM (e.g., consumer-brand relationships); User-generated content; Online product reviews and their effects on brands; e-WOM participation and recommendation; Post adoption behavior; e-WOM valence (e.g., positive, negative, and neutral); e-WOM measurement; Consumer behavior in e-WOM (e.g., consumer product judgment, and information perspectives); Strategies for advancing e-WOM; New technology and e-WOM

Submission and Review Process: All submissions, reviewing and notification will be conducted electronically through e-mail. If you do not receive confirmation of your submission within seven days, please contact the guest co-editors mentioned below. Please submit manuscripts in an MS WORD document in Times New Roman 12-font. Extended abstract submissions should follow 2016 Global Marketing Conference (GMC) guidelines. Full manuscript submissions should have page numbers and be limited to 20 pages of text in length. References and citations should follow the International Journal of Advertising style. Please place all tables and figures at the end of the manuscript (following the references). The manuscripts title page should include the corresponding author’s name, affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Names and contact information for other authors should be included as well. Manuscripts submitted to the special issue should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time. Submissions will be evaluated by a double-blind review process. Information identifying the submission authors should only be listed on the title page.

For papers initially submitted to the 2016 Global Marketing Conference (GMC) at Hong Kong, ONLY papers selected by the special issue co-editors will be considered for this special edition of the International Journal of Advertising on electronic word of mouth (e-WOM).

Submissions should be sent to all two guest co-editors: Professor Juran Kim, Associate Professor of Marketing, Department of Business Administration, College of Business, Jeonju University, Cheonjam-ro 303, Jeonju, Republic of Korea, e-mail: jrkim@jj.ac.kr; Professor Shu-Chuan (Kelly) Chu, Assistant Professor, College of Communication, DePaul University, 1 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago IL 60604, USA, e-mail: SCHU7@depaul.edu

The 2016 Global Marketing Conference (GMC) will be held in Hong Kong in July, 2016.

For more GMC information, please visit: gammaconference.org/2016/.