TOC: J Exp Psych Gen


Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 144(5)

Hormones and ethics: Understanding the biological basis of unethical conduct.

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Perspective-taking in comprehension, production, and memory: An individual differences approach.

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Strategy use fully mediates the relationship between working memory capacity and performance on Raven?s matrices.

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Psychophysiological evidence for the role of emotion in adaptive memory.

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When two heads are better than one and when they can be worse: The amplification hypothesis.

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Fast but not intuitive, slow but not reflective: Decision conflict drives reaction times in social dilemmas.

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Compete, coordinate, and cooperate: How to exploit uncertain environments with social interaction.

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Physically scarce (vs. enriched) environments decrease the ability to tell lies successfully.

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Knowledge does not protect against illusory truth.

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Self-enhancement diminished.

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Rethinking the implications of numerical ratio effects for understanding the development of representational precision and numerical processing across formats.

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