TOC: Acad Man Rev


Academy of Management Review, 30(4)

Editor’s Comments: Celebrating Our Award-Winning Authors and Reviewers
Belle Rose Ragins [Publisher]

Reflections on the 2013 Decade Award—“Exploitation, Exploration, and Process Management: The Productivity Dilemma Revisited” Ten Years Later
Mary J. Benner and Michael L. Tushman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Event System Theory: An Event-Oriented Approach to the Organizational Sciences
Frederick P. Morgeson, Terence R. Mitchell, and Dong Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Out of the Box? How Managing a Subordinate’s Multiple Identities Affects the Quality of a Manager-Subordinate Relationship
Stephanie J. Creary, Brianna Barker Caza, and Laura Morgan Roberts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Did You Notice That?” Theorizing Differences in the Capacity to Apprehend Institutional Contradictions
Maxim Voronov and Lyle Yorks [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Lying for Who We Are: An Identity-Based Model of Workplace Dishonesty
Keith Leavitt and David M. Sluss [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Boundary-Spanning Employees and Relationships with External Stakeholders: A Social Identity Approach
Daniel Korschun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effectuation As Ineffectual? Applying the 3E Theory-Assessment Framework to a Proposed New Theory of Entrepreneurship
Richard J. Arend, Hessamoddin Sarooghi, and Andrew Burkemper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

The Strange Absence of Management During the Current Financial Crisis
Ken Starkey [Publisher]