TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 131(1)

When Not Knowing is a Virtue: A Business Ethics Perspective
Joanna Crossman & Vijayta Doshi

Ethical Differences Between Loan Maturity Mismatching and Fractional Reserve Banking: A Natural Law Approach
Laura Davidson

Information Relevance Model of Customized Privacy for IoT
Wei Zhou & Selwyn Piramuthu

Avoiding the Separation Thesis While Maintaining a Positive/Normative Distinction
Andrew V. Abela & Ryan Shea

Reciprocity as a Foundation of Financial Economics
Timothy C. Johnson

Cronyism and the Determinants of Chairman Compensation
Lars Oxelheim & Kevin Clarkson

The Influence of the Country-of-Origin Ecological Image on Ecolabelled Product Evaluation: An Experimental Approach to the Case of the European Ecolabel
Sihem Dekhili & Mohamed Akli Achabou

Authentic Leadership and Whistleblowing: Mediating Roles of Psychological Safety and Personal Identification
Sheng-min Liu, Jian-qiao Liao & Hongguo Wei

Managerial Practices and Corporate Social Responsibility
Najah Attig & Sean Cleary

Reconnecting Business and Society: Perceptions of Authenticity in Corporate Social Responsibility
Daina D. Mazutis & Natalie Slawinski

Spread of Unethical Behavior in Organizations: A Dynamic Social Network Perspective
Franziska Zuber

Exploring the Supportive Effects of Spiritual Well-Being on Job Satisfaction Given Adverse Work Conditions
Manuel J. Tejeda

Proactive Environmental Strategies in Healthcare Organisations: Drivers and Barriers in Italy
Marta Pinzone, Emanuele Lettieri & Cristina Masella

Banking with Ethics: Strategic Moves and Structural Changes of the Banking Industry in the Aftermath of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis
Elisabeth Paulet, Miia Parnaudeau & Francesc Relano

Explaining the Misuse of Information Systems Resources in the Workplace: A Dual-Process Approach
Amanda M. Y. Chu, Patrick Y. K. Chau & Mike K. P. So

Are Bullying Behaviors Tolerated in Some Cultures? Evidence for a Curvilinear Relationship Between Workplace Bullying and Job Satisfaction Among Italian Workers
Gabriele Giorgi, Jose M. Leon-Perez & Alicia Arenas

Between Monitoring and Trust: Commitment to Extended Upstream Responsibility
Magnus Boström