TOC: J Travel Tour Mar


Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 32(6)

Me, My Tourist-Self, and I: The Symbolic Consumption of Travel

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How Global Airports Engage Social Media Users: A Study of Facebook use and its Role in Stakeholder Communication

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The Role of Airline Travelers? Pre-Recovery Emotions during the Service Recovery Process

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Smartphones in Tourism and Hospitality Marketing: A Literature Review

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Hotel Theming in China: A Qualitative Study of Practitioners? Views

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Exploring the Dimensional Relationships among Image Formation Agents, Destination Image, and Place Attachment from the Perspectives of Pop Star Fans

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Determining the Attributes of Casino Customer Satisfaction: Applying Impact-Range Performance and Asymmetry Analyses

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Tourist Perceptions of Event?Sponsor Brand Fit and Sponsor Brand Attitude

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The Relationships between National Identity, Hospitality, and Satisfaction among Foreign Hotel Guests

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