TOC: J Global Fash Mar


Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, 6(4)

The role of fashion involvement, brand love and hedonic consumption tendency in fashion impulse purchasing

Georgia Liapati, Ioannis Assiouras & Jean-Marc Decaudin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Influence of design, workmanship, and familiarity on perceptions of country-of-origin apparel brands: A study of consumers in the US, China and Japan

Hye-Shin Kim, Eun-Young Shin, An Cheng, Sharron J. Lennon & Wing-sun Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Acculturation for fashion consumer behavior: A case of Korean?American families

Jaeil Lee & Yoon-Jung Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The motives, characteristics and experiences of US Black Friday shoppers

Hyun Ju Kwon & Thomas M. Brinthaupt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Pop-up retailing: Integrating objectives and activity stereotypes

Gary Warnaby, Varvara Kharakhorkina, Charlotte Shi & Margherita Corniani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]