TOC: J Exp Psych Gen


Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 144(4)

Competition makes observers remember faces as more aggressive.

Balas, Benjamin; Thomas, Laura E.

Social identity and socially shared retrieval-induced forgetting: The effects of group membership.

Coman, Alin; Hirst, William

Holistic processing from learned attention to parts.

Chua, Kao-Wei; Richler, Jennifer J.; Gauthier, Isabel

Individual differences in the perception of melodic contours and pitch-accent timing in speech: Support for domain-generality of pitch processing.

Morrill, Tuuli H.; McAuley, J. Devin; Dilley, Laura C.; Hambrick, David Z.

Losing the boundary: Cognition biases action well after action selection.

Calderon, Cristian Buc; Verguts, Tom; Gevers, Wim

Why some colors appear more memorable than others: A model combining categories and particulars in color working memory.

Bae, Gi-Yeul; Olkkonen, Maria; Allred, Sarah R.; Flombaum, Jonathan I.

The mind in the object?Psychological valuation of materialized human expression.

Kreuzbauer, Robert; King, Dan; Basu, Shankha

Prosocial behavior leads to happiness in a small-scale rural society.

Aknin, Lara B.; Broesch, Tanya; Hamlin, J. Kiley; Van de Vondervoort, Julia W.

A series of meta-analytic tests of the depletion effect: Self-control does not seem to rely on a limited resource.

Carter, Evan C.; Kofler, Lilly M.; Forster, Daniel E.; McCullough, Michael E.

Dual recollection in episodic memory.

Brainerd, C. J.; Gomes, C. F. A.; Nakamura, K.

The snooze of lose: Rapid reaching reveals that losses are processed more slowly than gains.

Chapman, Craig S.; Gallivan, Jason P.; Wong, Jeremy D.; Wispinski, Nathan J.; Enns, James T.

The role of attention in motivated behavior.

Suri, Gaurav; Gross, James J.

Consequences of joint action: Entanglement with your partner.

Soliman, Tamer M.; Ferguson, Ryan; Dexheimer, M. Scott; Glenberg, Arthur M.

Generalization versus contextualization in automatic evaluation revisited: A meta-analysis of successful and failed replications.

Gawronski, Bertram; Hu, Xiaoqing; Rydell, Robert J.; Vervliet, Bram; De Houwer, Jan

The burden of secrecy? No effect on hill slant estimation and beanbag throwing.

Pecher, Diane; van Mierlo, Heleen; Ca?al-Bruland, Rouwen; Zeelenberg, Ren?

Do subtle reminders of money change people?s political views?

Rohrer, Doug; Pashler, Harold; Harris, Christine R.

Money priming can change people?s thoughts, feelings, motivations, and behaviors: An update on 10 years of experiments.

Vohs, Kathleen D.