TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 130(4)

Special Issue on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability: An Introduction
Allan K. K. Chan & Stephen Y. L. Cheung

Reclaiming the Child Left Behind: The Case for Corporate Cultural Responsibility
François Maon & Adam Lindgreen

A Case for Consumer Social Responsibility (CnSR): Including a Selected Review of Consumer Ethics/Social Responsibility Research
Scott J. Vitell

Theoretical Lenses for Understanding the CSR–Consumer Paradox
Catherine Janssen & Joëlle Vanhamme

The Normativity and Legitimacy of CSR Disclosure: Evidence from France
Jean-Noël Chauvey, Sophie Giordano-Spring, Charles H. Cho & Dennis M. Patten

Being Good When Being International in an Emerging Economy: The Case of China
Yan-Leung Cheung, Dongmin Kong, Weiqiang Tan & Wenming Wang

CEO Ethical Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Moderated Mediation Model
Long-Zeng Wu, Ho Kwong Kwan, Frederick Hong-kit Yim, Randy K. Chiu & Xiaogang He

Firm Characteristics, Industry Context, and Investor Reactions to Environmental CSR: A Stakeholder Theory Approach
James J. Cordeiro & Manish Tewari

Corporate Philanthropy, Ownership Type, and Financial Transparency
Cuili Qian, Xinzi Gao & Albert Tsang

Corporate Social Responsibility and Insider Trading
Jinhua Cui, Hoje Jo & Yan Li