TOC: Intl Rev Pub Nonprofit Mar


International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing, 12(3)

Application of Service Dominant Logic to the medical device industry
Robert A. Wells, Martina G. Gallarza, Luisa Andreu & Remedios Calero

Expressive and instrumental motivations explaining youth participation in non-profit voluntary associations: an application in Spain
José-Luis Vázquez, Ana Lanero, Pablo Gutiérrez & María-Purificación García

How to increase blood donation by social marketing
Asunción Beerli-Palacio & Josefa D. Martín-Santana

Museums and social media: the case of the Museum of Natural History of Florence
Luciana Lazzeretti, Andrea Sartori & Niccolò Innocenti

Actions taken by public authorities for the equality of women: the first years of the United Nations
Pilar Giménez Armentia, Carmen de la Calle Maldonado & Laura Nuño Gómez

Authenticity of ethnic tourism (based on the example of the congregation of the Karakachans in Bulgaria)
Blaga Stoykova