Sample Design


Vikas Mittal has a teaching note on sample design

Dear colleagues,

I have had the pleasure to teach the marketing research course at Northwestern, Pitt, and Rice many students-current and former-ask me questions about sample design.

  • What is an acceptable margin of error?
  • Is this a large enough sample?

For their convenience, I wrote a teaching note which they find very useful. The note explains the topic of sample design in a user-friendly way for those interested in customer research.

Please feel free to download the note as shown below:


I hope the note is useful for:

  • Faculty and their students in courses on marketing research, consumer research, and survey research
  • Those planning to teach, learn, and conduct survey research
  • Please feel free to download, and share for non-commercial purposes.

Please email me your suggestions, feedback and thoughts.

Reference: Mittal, Vikas (2015) "Sample Design for Customer-Focused Research," July, Rice University, Jones Graduate School of Business.