TOC: J Intl Mar


Journal of International Marketing, 23(3)

Understanding Relationship Marketing and Loyalty Program Effectiveness in Global Markets
Joshua T. Beck, Kelly Chapman, and Robert W. Palmatier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contract Specificity, Contract Violation, and Relationship Performance in International Buyer–Supplier Relationships
David A. Griffith and Yanhui Zhao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Improvisation Help or Hinder Planning in Determining Export Success? Decision Theory Applied to Exporting
Ekaterina Nemkova, Anne L. Souchon, Paul Hughes, and Milena Micevski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revisiting Consumer Ethnocentrism: Review, Reconceptualization, and Empirical Testing
Nikoletta-Theofania Siamagka and George Balabanis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Loyalty Programs in Emerging and Developed Markets: The Impact of Cultural Values on Loyalty Program Choice
Frauke Mattison Thompson and Thorsten Chmura [Publisher] [Google Scholar]