TOC: J Promo Man


Journal of Promotion Management, 21(4)

The New Spirit of Strategy for Competitive Management: Editorial
Andrea Rey-Martí & Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand and Price: Key Signals when Opening a Franchise Outlet
Esther Calderon-Monge & Pilar Huerta-Zavala [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Linking Training to Organizational Performance: An Absorptive Capacity-Based View. Case Study Method in Spanish Family Businesses
Felipe Hernández Perlines & Benito Yáñez Araque [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Absorptive Capability on Born-Global Performance
M. Ángeles Rodríguez-Serrano & Félix A. Martín-Velicia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analyzing the Costs of Informal Care for Persons with Dementia in Spain
Francisco Escribano-Sotos & Isabel Pardo-García [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Key Elements in Building Relationships in the Higher Education Services Context
Walesska Schlesinger, Amparo Cervera & M. Ángeles Iniesta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Factors Promoting Entrepreneurship in European Countries: Unemployment, Taxes, and Education
Víctor M. González-Sánchez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge, Promotional Events, and the Contribution of Clustering to Innovation
José Antonio Belso-Martínez, Francisco Más-Verdú & Norat Roig-Tierno [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Value of Trust for Travel Agencies in Achieving Customers’ Attitudinal Loyalty
Carlos Devece, Sergio Garcia-Agreda & Belén Ribeiro-Navarrete [Publisher] [Google Scholar]