TOC: J Con Mar


Journal of Consumer Marketing, 32(6)

Brand evaluation, satisfaction and trust as predictors of brand loyalty: the mediator-moderator effect of brand relationships
Cleopatra Veloutsou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sustainability labelling as a challenge to legitimacy: spillover effects of organic Fairtrade coffee on consumer perceptions of mainstream products and retailers
Angela Anagnostou, Paul T.M. Ingenbleek and Hans C.M. van Trijp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How subjective processing fluency predicts attitudes toward visual advertisements and purchase intention
Martin Storme, Nils Myszkowski, Andres Davila and Frank Bournois [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How products induce regulatory fit: evidence from the health domain
Adilson Borges and Pierrick Gomez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gifting from the closet: thoughtful or thoughtless?
Thyra Uth Thomsen and Judith Lynne Zaichkowsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Spreading joy: examining the effects of smiling models on consumer joy and attitudes
Hanna Berg, Magnus Söderlund and Annika Lindström [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Satisfaction with service recovery: moderating effect of age in word-of-mouth
Beatriz Moliner-Velázquez, María-Eugenia Ruiz-Molina and Teresa Fayos-Gardó [Publisher] [Google Scholar]