TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 130(3)

Is My Boss Really Listening to Me? The Impact of Perceived Supervisor Listening on Emotional Exhaustion, Turnover Intention, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Karina J. Lloyd, Diana Boer, Joshua W. Keller & Sven Voelpel

Coping Intelligence: Coping Strategies and Organizational Commitment Among Boundary Spanning Employees
Rajesh Srivastava & Thomas Li-Ping Tang

Have Global Ethical Values Emerged in the Public Relations Industry? Evidence from National and International Professional Public Relations Associations
Maureen Taylor & Aimei Yang

The Just Price as the Price Obtainable in an Open Market
Juan M. Elegido

Comparative Analysis of Jones’ and Kelley’s Ethical Decision-Making Models
Yi-Ming Yu

The Association of Individual Spirituality on Employee Engagement: The Spirit at Work
Richard A. Roof

Mainstreaming and its Discontents: Fair Trade, Socially Responsible Investing, and Industry Trajectories
Curtis Child

Validation of a Digital Work Simulation to Assess Machiavellianism and Compliant Behavior
Lonneke Dubbelt, Janneke K. Oostrom, Annemarie M. F. Hiemstra & Joost P. L. Modderman

Developing a Framework for Ethical Leadership
Alan Lawton & Iliana Páez

Corporate Social ‘Irresponsibility’: Are Consumers’ Biases in Attribution of Blame Helping Companies in Product–Harm Crises Involving Hybrid Products?
Sergio W. Carvalho, Etayankara Muralidharan & Hari Bapuji

Alienation, Police Stories, and Percival
John T. Luhman & Andy F. Nazario

Compassion in the Context of Capitalistic Organizations: Evidence from the 2011 Brisbane Floods
Ace Volkmann Simpson, Miguel Pina e Cunha & Arménio Rego

Them’s Fightin’ Words: The Effects of Violent Rhetoric on Ethical Decision Making in Business
Joshua R. Gubler, Nathan P. Kalmoe & David A. Wood

When Empathic Concern and Perspective Taking Matter for Ethical Judgment: The Role of Time Hurriedness
Irina Cojuharenco & Francesco Sguera

Ethics, Values, and Organizational Justice: Individuals, Organizations, and Beyond
Marshall Schminke, Anke Arnaud & Regina Taylor

Corporate Social Responsibility in Garment Sourcing Networks: Factory Management Perspectives on Ethical Trade in Sri Lanka
Patsy Perry, Steve Wood & John Fernie