TOC: Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 49(9/10)

Exploring front-line employee contributions to service innovation
Jenny Karlsson and Per Skålén [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining the relationship between social media characteristics and psychological dispositions
Debra Grace, Mitchell Ross and Wei Shao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Local revenue response to service quality: spatial effects in seasonal ticket revenue data
Sven Müller and Knut Haase [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Two- or one-dimensional view of arousal?: Exploring tense and energetic arousal routes to consumer attitudes
Xiaomeng Fan, En-Chung Chang and Duane Theodore Wegener [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effectuation and foreign market entry of entrepreneurial firms
Sylvie Chetty, Arto Ojala and Tanja Leppäaho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Obviously in the cool group they wear designer things’: A social practice theory perspective on children’s consumption
Agnes Nairn and Fiona Spotswood [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How sales manager experience and historical data trends affect decision making
Thomas DeCarlo, Tirthankar Roy and Michael Barone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unpacking the perceived opportunity to misbehave: The influence of spatio-temporal and social dimensions on consumer misbehavior
Kate L. Daunt (née Reynolds) and Dominique A. Greer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A relational approach to direct mail consumption: The perspective of engagement regimes
Simon Françoise and Lynda Andrews [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market practices in countercultural market emergence
Joel Hietanen and Joonas Rokka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer perceived brand innovativeness: Conceptualization and operationalization
Rahil Shams, Frank Alpert and Mark Brown [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic management of salespeople when promoting new products: Moderating effects of sales-related organizational psychological climate
Annie Chen, Norman Peng and Kuang-peng Hung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Concrete and abstract goals associated with the consumption of environmentally sustainable products
Edward Ramirez, Fernando R. Jiménez and Roland Gau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When James Bond shows off his Omega: does product placement affect its media host?
Andre Marchand, Thorsten Hennig-Thurau and Sabine Best [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of location-based-services on consumer purchase intention at point of purchase
Aaron Gazley, Adam Hunt and Lachlan McLaren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]