Revisit: Political Marketing


Voters, Political Parties, Candidates and Elections, Special issue of Journal of Customer Behaviour; Deadline 9 Oct 2015

Journal of Customer Behaviour

Special Issue on Political Marketing: voters, political parties, candidates and elections

(Deadline for submissions 9 October 2015)

Guest Editor: Dr Peter Reeves, Salford Business School, University of Salford, U.K.

Political marketing has become established as a specialist academic field. The aim of this special edition is to publish conceptual and/or empirical political marketing research, which examines how political marketing functions in democracies around the World. Papers are invited which consider aspects of political marketing from the broadly defined standpoints of: (i) consumer behaviour informed studies into how voters make political vote decisions (e.g. Ben-Ur & Newman, 2010; Cwalina et al., 2010; Newman & Sheth, 1985); (ii) how political parties adopt and implement political marketing strategies, tactics and practices (e.g. Cosgrove, 2007; O’Cass, 2001; Reeves, 2013); (iii) how political marketing functions during election campaigns (e.g. Lees-Marshment, 2005; Wring, 2001). The journal is interested in contributions from political marketing scholars from around the World who can produce research from a variety of political and electoral contexts.

Suggested Topics
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Voters as consumers/ customers.
  • What factors influence voter choice decisions, and participation in elections and referenda?
  • The conceptual foundations of the political vote, and how it is similar or different to commercial oriented consumer behaviour decisions.
  • The stages and influences in the political vote decision.
  • Political marketing strategies, tactics and practices at strategic (national) and/ or operational(local) levels
  • Studies of specific political marketing strategies, tactics and practices (e.g. segmentation, targeting and positioning, image management, advertising, e-marketing, social media campaigns and technology, market research and polling, brand management, internal political marketing etc)
  • Analyses of political marketing during elections campaigns (i.e. EU, National, Presidential, Parliamentary, State, Regional, Local) or referenda.

If you have any other ideas for papers in the area of political marketing which do not fit any of the above topics, then you may wish to email the Guest Editor to discuss your ideas further.

For the full Call for Papers including detailed Guidelines for Submissions, please visit the Journal CFP webpage: