TOC: J Mar Man


Journal of Marketing Management, 31(13/14)


Sustainable consumption: activism, innovation and brands
Pierre McDonagh & Diane M. Martin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘When people take action ….’ Mainstreaming malcontent and the role of the celebrity institutional entrepreneur
Gillian C. Hopkinson & James Cronin [Publisher] [-Catherine A. Armstrong Soule & Brandon J. Reich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Buyer social responsibility: a general concept and its implications for marketing management
Paul T.M. Ingenbleek, Matthew T.G. Meulenberg & Hans C.M. Van Trijp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring consumer responsibility for sustainable consumption
Michael Gerhard Luchs, Marcus Phipps & Tim Hill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Advancing sustainable consumption in the UK and China: the mediating effect of pro-environmental self-identity
Janine Dermody, Stuart Hanmer-Lloyd, Nicole Koenig-Lewis & Anita Lifen Zhao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Flying in the face of environmental concern: why green consumers continue to fly
Seonaidh McDonald, Caroline J. Oates, Maree Thyne, Andrew J. Timmis & Claire Carlile [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rev Billy vs. the Market: a sane man in a world of omnipotent fantasies
James Freund [Publisher] [Google Scholar]