TOC: Exp Econ


Experimental Economics, 18(3)

Excess information acquisition in auctions
Vitali Gretschko & Alexander Rajko

A caveat for the application of the critical cost efficiency index in induced budget experiments
James H. Murphy & Samiran Banerjee

Laboratory elections with endogenous turnout: proportional representation versus majoritarian rule
Melis Kartal

You’ve earned it: estimating the impact of human capital on social preferences
Pamela Jakiela, Edward Miguel & Vera L. te Velde

Identity changes and the efficiency of reputation systems
Matthias Wibral

Doing good or doing harm: experimental evidence on giving and taking in public good games
Menusch Khadjavi & Andreas Lange

Time as a medium of reward in three social preference experiments
Charles N. Noussair & Jan Stoop

A penny for your thoughts: a survey of methods for eliciting beliefs
Karl H. Schlag, James Tremewan & Joël J. van der Weele

Is it a norm to favour your own group?
Donna Harris, Benedikt Herrmann, Andreas Kontoleon & Jonathan Newton

Voting with hands and feet: the requirements for optimal group formation
Andrea Robbett