TOC: Acad Man J


Academy of Management Journal, 58(4)

Elasticity and the Dialectic Tensions of Organizational Identity: How Can We Hold Together While We Are Pulling Apart?
Glen E. Kreiner, Elaine Hollensbe, Mathew L. Sheep, Brett R. Smith, and Niyati Kataria [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“I Put in Effort, Therefore I Am Passionate”: Investigating the Path from Effort to Passion in Entrepreneurship
Michael M. Gielnik, Matthias Spitzmuller, Antje Schmitt, D. Katharina Klemann, and Michael Frese [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning Through the Distribution of Failures within an Organization: Evidence from Heart Bypass Surgery Performance
Vinit Desai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Does Charisma Matter for Top-Level Leaders? Effect of Attributional Ambiguity
Philippe Jacquart and John Antonakis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Values against Violence: Institutional Change in Societies Dominated by Organized Crime
Antonino Vaccaro and Guido Palazzo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making a Difference in the Teamwork: Linking Team Prosocial Motivation to Team Processes and Effectiveness
Jia Hu and Robert C. Liden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Product Diversification and Financial Performance: The Moderating Role of Secondary Stakeholders
Weichieh Su and Eric W. K. Tsang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Person–Situation Debate Revisited: Effect of Situation Strength and Trait Activation on the Validity of the Big Five Personality Traits in Predicting Job Performance
Timothy A. Judge and Cindy P. Zapata [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Decoding the Adaptability–Rigidity Puzzle: Evidence from Pharmaceutical Incumbents’ Pursuit of Gene Therapy and Monoclonal Antibodies
Rahul Kapoor and Thomas Klueter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Dynamic Nature of Collective Turnover and Unit Performance: The Impact of Time, Quality, and Replacements
Matthew L. Call, Anthony J. Nyberg, Robert E. Ployhart, and Jeff Weekley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Network Defense: Pruning, Grafting, and Closing to Prevent Leakage of Strategic Knowledge to Rivals
Exequiel Hernandez, Wm. Gerard Sanders, and Anja Tuschke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Motivated to Acquire? The Impact of CEO Regulatory Focus on Firm Acquisitions
Daniel L. Gamache, Gerry McNamara, Michael J. Mannor, and Russell E. Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]