TOC: Technovation


Technovation, 43/44

Understanding and classifying the role of design demonstrators in scientific exploration
James Moultrie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The more the merrier? Network portfolio size and innovation performance in Nigerian firms
Abiodun A. Egbetokun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technology and external conditions at play: A study of learning-by-licensing practices in China
Yuandi Wang, Zhao Zhou, Lutao Ning, Jin Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The organizational advantage in early inventing and patenting: Empirical evidence from interference proceedings
André O. Laplume, Emanuel Xavier-Oliveira, Parshotam Dass, Ramesh Thakur [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of intellectual property rights and patented knowledge in innovation and industry value added: A multinational empirical analysis of different industries
Seokkyun Woo, Pilseong Jang, Yeonbae Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]