TOC: Cust Needs Solutions


Customer Needs and Solutions, 2(3)

Trends in Business Markets
Rajdeep Grewal & Gary L. Lilien

Business-to-Business Buying: Challenges and Opportunities
Rajdeep Grewal, Gary L. Lilien, Sundar Bharadwaj, Pranav Jindal, Ujwal Kayande, Robert F. Lusch, Murali Mantrala, Robert W. Palmatier, Aric Rindfleisch, Lisa K. Scheer, Robert Spekman & Shrihari Sridhar

Enhancing Crowdsourcing Success: the Role of Creative and Deliberate Problem-Solving Styles
Dominik Mahr, Aric Rindfleisch & Rebecca J. Slotegraaf

Assessing the Drivers of Short- and Long-Term Outcomes at Business Trade Shows
Shrihari Sridhar, Clay M. Voorhees & Srinath Gopalakrishna

Interfirm Relational Strategies and Innovation: the Role of Interfirm Relational Traits and Firm Resources
Sean (Hyunsoon) Yim, Brett W. Josephson, Jean L. Johnson & Sanjay R. Sisodiya