Best Services Article


K Sivakumar, Mei Li and Beibei Do have won AMA SERVSIG's Best Services Article Award for 2014

SERVSIG’s Best Services Article Award for 2014

  • Sivakumar K., Mei Li, and Beibei Dong (2014), “Service Quality: The Impact of Frequency, Timing, Proximity, and Sequence of Failures and Delights,” Journal of Marketing, 78 (1), 41-58.

Runners-up for the Best Services Article Award:

  • Giebelhausen, Michael, Stacey G. Robinson, Nancy J. Sirianni, and Michael K. Brady (2014), “Touch Versus Tech: When Technology Functions as a Barrier or a Benefit to Service Encounters,” Journal of Marketing, (78), 113-124.
  • Ordenes, Francisco Villarroel, Babis Theodoulidis, Jamie Burton, Thorsten Gruber, and Mohamed Zaki (2014) “Analyzing Customer Experience Feedback Using Text Mining, A Linguistics-Based Approach,” Journal of Service Research, 17(3), 278-295.
  • Ackermann, Sebastian and Florian von Wangenheim (2014), “Behavioral Consequences of Customer-Initiated Channel Migration,” Journal of Service Research, 17(3), 262-277.

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