TOC: J Retailing Con Services


Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 26

Entry mode selection and its impact on an incumbent supply chain coordination
Zong-Hong Cao, Yong-Wu Zhou, Ju Zhao, Chang-Wen Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The influence of relationship marketing orientation on brand equity in banks
Dhanushanthini Yoganathan, Charles Jebarajakirthy, Paramaporn Thaichon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A two-dimensional model of trust–value–loyalty in service relationships
Joe Choon Yean Chai, Naresh K. Malhotra, Frank Alpert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evaluating servicescape designs using a VR-based laboratory experiment: A case of a Duty-free Shop
Ryeok-Hwan Kwon, Kwang-Jae Kim, Ki-Hun Kim, Yoo-Suk Hong, Bohyun Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“What does a woman want?” The moderating effect of age in female consumption
Yelena Tsarenko, Yuliya Strizhakova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Edutainment experiences for children in retail stores, from a child’s perspective
Florence Feenstra, Laurent Muzellec, Brigitte de Faultrier, Jacques Boulay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of Security, Design and Content factors on customer trust in mobile commerce
Mehrbakhsh Nilashi, Othman Ibrahim, Vahid Reza Mirabi, Leili Ebrahimi, Mojtaba Zare [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A valued agent: How ECAs affect website customers’ satisfaction and behaviors
Mohammed Slim Ben Mimoun, Ingrid Poncin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does the value manufacturers (brands) create translate into enhanced reputation? A multi-sector examination of the value–satisfaction–loyalty–reputation chain
Laurent Tournois [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents of rural and urban consumers’ propensity to outshop and product specific outshopping behaviour
Jayesh D. Patel, Nishith Bhatt, Yupal Shukla, Dharmesh Gadhavi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumers between supermarket shelves: The influence of inter-personal distance on consumer behavior
Michael Luck, Martin Benkenstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer acceptance of a revolutionary technology-driven product: The role of adoption in the industrial design development
Jungkun Park, Frances Gunn, YoungHee Lee, Scott Shim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Price competition in retailing: The importance of the price density function
Sylvain P.C. Willart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of design in the future of digital channels: Conceptual insights and future research directions
Karla Straker, Cara Wrigley, Michael Rosemann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competing for attention with in-store promotions
Megan Phillips, Andrew G. Parsons, Helene J. Wilkinson, Paul W. Ballantine [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents of tourism destination reputation: The mediating role of familiarity
Enrique Marinao Artigas, Sonia Vilches-Montero, Coro Chasco Yrigoyen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analysis on supply chain risks in Indian apparel retail chains and proposal of risk prioritization model using Interpretive structural modeling
V.G. Venkatesh, Snehal Rathi, Sriyans Patwa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]