INSEAD Doriot Entrepreneurship Conference


Fontainebleau, France, 23-24 Oct 2015; Deadline 12 Aug

INSEAD Doriot Entrepreneurship Conference
Fontainebleau, France October 23-24, 2015

Organizers: Henrich Greve, Michelle Rogan, Balagopal (Bala) Vissa
Key note speaker: Rajshree Agarwal

Entrepreneurship has become a very active research topic in organization theory and strategy, spurred by interest in the birth of new industries, the rejuvenation of existing industries through new technologies or markets, new ways of organizing as well as the dynamics of entry in existing industries. Much research on entrepreneurship addresses a broad theoretical agenda that is also relevant to organization theorists and strategists, such as its insights on new organizational populations examined by organizational ecology; change and differentiation in institutions; the reorganization of industries through richer networks and finer specialization; organizational and knowledge contexts and transition into entrepreneurship; effectiveness of new venture strategies & organization design approaches and so forth. It is the goal of the conference to stimulate further research in these and related areas.

We are seeking high quality papers employing varied theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches, exploring a broad range of entrepreneurial phenomenon. Examples include intra-organizational phenomena such as the assembly of existing inventions and ideas for commercialization to generate internal ventures or spin-offs. Organizational boundary phenomena include organizing for new business development from own knowledge stock versus developing and relying on external capabilities. Organizational phenomena include how ventures come to structure the niches they occupy and adapt to other ventures. Entrepreneur phenomena include formation and development of an identity for the venture.

Submission information:

Submission Deadline: Wednesday 12th August 2015

Acceptance Notification: Monday 24th August 2015

What to submit: An extended abstract of 5 pages + references

Submit to: Please mail your submission with the subject line: “IDEC Paper Submission”.

Please direct questions about the conference to one of the organizers at: or or