TOC: Service Sci


Service Science, 7(2)

Editorial—Smart Service Systems, Human-Centered Service Systems, and the Mission of Service Science
Paul P. Maglio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Digital Service Inventories to Create Customer Value
Mark M. Davis, Joy Field, and Euthemia Stavrulaki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Challenges of New Service Development: Case Video-Supported Home Care Service
Arto Wallin, Marja Harjumaa, Pasi Pussinen, and Minna Isomursu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Engineering Effective Responses to Influenza Outbreaks
Stan N. Finkelstein, Richard C. Larson, Karima Nigmatulina, and Anna Teytelman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Experience-Based Routing in Call Center Environments
Thomas R. Robbins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]