TOC: Con Brand Relationships


Consumer Brand Relationships: Meaning, Measuring, Managing; Book edited by Marc Fetscherin and Tobias Heilmann

Edited by Marc Fetscherin and Tobias Heilmann
Published by Palgrave Macmillan

Brand relationships rule, by Marc Fetscherin & Tobias Heilmann

Part I: Love and Brand Relationships

The role of brand love in consumer brand relationships, by Noel Albert & Dwight Merunka
Will you defend your loved brand? Brand defense superseding advocacy, by Mansoor Javed, Sanjit Roy, & Bano Mansoor
Evolution of luxury brand love intensity over time, by Gachoucha Kretz

Part II: Personality & Social Groups and Brand Relationships

The role of product type and personality in brand love relationships, by Ronald Voorn, Sabrina Hegner, & Ad Pruyn
The personality of brand lovers, by Philipp Rauschnabel, Aaron Ahuvia, Björn Ivens, & Alexander Leischnig
The role of brands during kids snack time, by Valérie Hémar-Nicolas, Mathilde Gollety, Coralie Damay, & Pascale Ezan
Characteristics of consumers’ brand relationships with hockey teams, by Samil Aledin

Part III: Measuring & Managing Brand Relationships

A new consumer brand relationships framework based on grounded theory, by Sreejesh S. & Subhadip Roy
Creating brand equity and brand relationships in the commodity market, by Antônio Santos Jr., Cid Gonçalves Filho, Euler Alves Brandão, & Gustavo Quiroga Souki
Discovering and sustaining the brand-bond, by Ryan Barker & Jeffrey Peacock
Measuring and managing brand love: The BERA platform, by Ryan Barker & Jeffrey Peacock