TOC: Bus Horizons


Business Horizons, 58(4)

A man, no plan, and the diamonds
Marc J. Dollinger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


“Yes, and. . .”: What improv theater can teach service firms
Karen Robson, Leyland Pitt, Pierre R. Berthon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Business tax incentives
Raquel Meyer Alexander, Alexander J. Organ [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Creating a culture of confidence: An interview with Sheryl Adkins-Green, CMO of Mary Kay Inc.
Victoria L. Crittenden, Lauren Beitelspacher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Crowdsourcing: A new way of employing non-employees?
Robert C. Ford, Brendan Richard, Michael P. Ciuchta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tapping the innovative business potential of innovation contests
Albert Armisen, Ann Majchrzak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Leading the (r)evolution: Succession and leadership rules for re-entrepreneurs
Robert McEnany, David Strutton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is it all a game? Understanding the principles of gamification
Karen Robson, Kirk Plangger, Jan H. Kietzmann, Ian McCarthy, Leyland Pitt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The misplaced controversy about internal consumption: Not just a direct selling phenomenon
Victoria L. Crittenden, Gerald Albaum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Internet of Things (IoT): Applications, investments, and challenges for enterprises
In Lee, Kyoochun Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How to avoid regulatory antitrust scrutiny: The behavioral defense
Arpita Agnihotri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Launching and leading intense teams
Sheila Simsarian Webber, David S. Webber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organizational strategies for filling the customer can-do/must-do gap
Robert C. Ford, Janet R. McColl-Kennedy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From competitive advantage to nodal advantage: Ecosystem structure and the new five forces that affect prosperity
Piyush Kumar, Mayukh Dass, Shivina Kumar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]