Brand Equity


Defining, Measuring and Managing Brand Equity, Special issue of Journal of Product and Brand Management; Deadline 30 Jun 2016


SPECIAL ISSUE on Brand Equity: Defining, Measuring and Managing Brand Equity

Despite extensive research and significant advances in our understanding of brand equity conceptualization (e.g. Aaker, 2001; Keller, 1993), measurement (e.g. Pappu et al. 2005) and management (e.g. Yoo et al. 2000) over the last three decades, important questions on brand equity still remain unanswered (Christodoulides and de Chernatony 2010).

We invite submissions on a broad range of issues in this regard, and welcome both conceptual and empirical contributions.

We encourage studies that examine innovative and even risky ideas, but demonstrate methodological rigor and provide credible empirical evidence. We invite studies that:

  • Provide greater clarity regarding the conceptual domain of brand equity and its relationship with the numerous brand-related concepts (e.g. brand love, brand identification, brand attachment) in the literature.
  • Offer new perspectives on brand equity, new brand equity models and new theories for explaining the phenomenon of brand equity.
  • Provide new or improved methods of the measurement of brand equity of different entities (e.g. retailers, nonprofits, countries).
  • Investigate new antecedents and or outcomes of brand equity as well as new mediators and or moderators.
  • Offer greater insights regarding the dimensionality of the brand equity construct (i.e., number and nature of the dimensions) and discriminant validity of the plethora of brand equity dimensions proposed in the literature.
  • Suggest new and effective ways (e.g. marketing communication, branding, strategic alliances, channel management, pricing, new product development) for developing and managing brand equity.

Deadline for submissions: 30th June, 2016.

Papers can be submitted after: 1st April 2016.

All papers need to be submitted online to the Special Issue on “Brand equity” through the ScholarOne System (

For informal enquiries you can contact the guest editors.

Dr. Ravi Pappu, Associate Professor of Marketing, UQ Business School, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, Email:

Professor George Christodoulides, Professor of Marketing & Head of Marketing Group, Department of Management, University of London, UK, Email:

One behalf of the guest-editorial team

Ravi Pappu, Associate Professor of Marketing, UQ Business School, The University of Queensland

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