TOC: J Personality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 109(1)

Directed abstraction: Encouraging broad, personal generalizations following a success experience.
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Drivers of cultural success: The case of sensory metaphors.
Akpinar, Ezgi; Berger, Jonah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

It only takes once: The absent-exempt heuristic and reactions to comparison-based sexual risk information.
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From “we” to “me”: Group identification enhances perceived personal control with consequences for health and well-being.
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Why leaders punish: A power perspective.
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Building social resilience in soldiers: A double dissociative randomized controlled study.
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Vagal flexibility: A physiological predictor of social sensitivity.
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Idiosyncratic versus social consensus approaches to personality: Self-view, perceived, and peer-view similarity.
van Zalk, Maarten; Denissen, Jaap [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using individual interest and conscientiousness to predict academic effort: Additive, synergistic, or compensatory effects?
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Anger perceptually and conceptually narrows cognitive scope.
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Patterns and sources of personality development in old age.
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