Marketing in Emerging Markets


Emerald Books calls for proposals for a new book series; Series Editor Paurav Shukla


Emerald Books is pleased to announce a general and ongoing call for proposals for a new book series, Marketing in Emerging Markets. In this series, Emerald seeks to publish innovative titles that address the crucial challenges and opportunities for marketing across diverse cultures and societies in rapidly expanding emerging economies. Please see the attached document for further details.


This book series will examine the urgent issues facing marketing practitioners and scholars in emerging markets. Rapidly growing household incomes, improvements in educational infrastructure, an expanding mid-to-high income class, globalization, growing westernization influences and the loosening of regulations on foreign direct and indirect investments has spurred the influx of global businesses into emerging markets. While these markets are slowly but steadily approving and adapting the ideology of ‘market-driven’ enterprise, the breakneck rate of economic growth presents tremendous opportunities as well as major challenges for companies.

Emerging markets differ significantly in many aspects from developed markets. For example, consumption psychology and value perceptions between consumers in emerging and developed markets across product categories are extraordinarily different. Moreover, consumers within emerging markets also differ with their attitudes to product and brand valuations.

Thus, emerging markets not only differ in terms of their macro market conditions but also from micro consumption perspectives to other markets. Additionally there are numerous differences within and between emerging markets and very little is known about this rich web of cultural complexities.

Series Editor

Paurav Shukla
Professor of Luxury Brand Marketing, Glasgow Caledonian University


John Stuart
Emerald Books

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