Global Brand Conference


Academy of Marketing's Brand, Identity and Corporate Reputation SIG, Bradford, UK, 27-29 Apr 2016; Deadline 2 Nov

Call for Papers

11th Global Brand Conference

Academy of Marketing’s Brand, Identity and Corporate Reputation Special Interest Group (SIG)

Bradford, UK
April 27–29, 2016

Conference theme: Brands that do Good

Hosted by: Bradford University School of Management


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Conference purpose and objectives

The conference aims to bring together scholars, researchers and practitioners in a lively debate and exchange of ideas on the role of brands and the importance of corporate reputation in the 21st century. Our particular theme is Brands that do Good. In an age where there is widespread criticism of business generally – exacerbated by the financial crisis of 2008 onwards – there is an opportunity for brands to raise themselves above this scepticism by demonstrating their wider contribution to society rather than merely their own profitability. Brands that do good will provide a variety of perspectives on this socially oriented approach to branding.

We welcome papers on, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Brands that help society
  2. Distinguish between brands that do good and those that are good
  3. A critical management approach to brands
  4. Political or economic critiques of brands
  5. Unintended consequences of being good
  6. CCT and brands
  7. Corporate and brand identity
  8. Online branding
  9. Heritage branding
  10. Place branding
  11. Services branding
  12. Branding and the senses

Important dates

Abstracts due November 2, 2015

Notification of acceptance December 21, 2015

Submissions for consideration by Journal of Brand Management due May 30 ,2016

Professor Stuart Roper

Conference chair

SIG Committee

Professor Stuart Roper (Chair), Dr Ming Lim (Co-chair), Dr Francisco Guzman, Dr Oriol Iglesias, Dr Joana Machado, Dr Leonor Carvalho