TOC: J Adv Res


Journal of Advertising Research, 55(2)

How Does Neuroscience Work in Advertising?
Geoffrey Precourt

The Rise of the Digital Omnivore: What It Means for Advertisers, Publishers, and App Developers
Gian M. Fulgoni

The Evolution of Neuromarketing Research: From Novelty to Mainstream: How Neuro Research Tools Improve Our Knowledge about Advertising
Horst Stipp

Measuring the Long-Term Effects of Television Advertising: Nielsen-CBS Study Uses Single-Source Data to Reassess the "Two-Times" Multiplier
Leslie A. Wood and David F. Poltrack

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): Why Does It Fail? An Analysis of Practitioner Mental Models Exposes Barriers of IMC Implementation
Mart Ots and Gergely Nyilasy

The Brand in the Boardroom: How Ogilvy & Mather Reinvented the Marketing Principles of Brand Valuation
Joanna Seddon

What Drives Advertising Success on Facebook? An Advertising-Effectiveness Model Measuring the Effects on Sales of "Likes" and Other Social-Network Stimuli
Malte Brettel, Jens-Christian Reich, Jose M. Gavilanes, and Tessa C. Flatten

How Reliable Are Neuromarketers’ Measures of Advertising Effectiveness? Data from Ongoing Research Holds No Common Truth among Vendors
Duane Varan, Annie Lang, Patrick Barwise, René Weber, and Steven Bellman

A Psychophysiological Approach for Measuring Response to Messaging: How Consumers Emotionally Process Green Advertising
Myriam Martínez-Fiestas, María Isabel Viedma del Jesus, Juan Sánchez-Fernández, and Francisco J. Montoro-Rios

Visual Processing and Need for Cognition Can Enhance Event-Sponsorship Outcomes: How Sporting Event Sponsorships Benefit from the Way Attendees Process Them
Angeline G. Close, Russell Lacey, and T. Bettina Cornwell

The Power of Direct Context as Revealed by Eye Tracking: A Model Tracks Relative Attention to Competing Editorial and Promotional Content
Edith G. Smit, Sophie C. Boerman, and Lex van Meurs