TOC: Intl J Con Studies


International Journal of Consumer Studies, 39(4)

Consumer vulnerability: are older people more vulnerable as consumers than others?
Lisbet Berg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mobile technology and forgotten consumers: the young-elderly
Shahrokh Nikou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding younger older consumers’ needs in a changing healthcare market—supporting and developing the consumer market for electronic assisted living technologies
Nikki Holliday, Gillian Ward and Simon Fielden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Income mobility of elderly households in Korea
Su-Jung Nam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analyzing Chinese older people’s quality of life through their use of the internet
Jie G. Fowler, James W. Gentry and Timothy H. Reisenwitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intention to use physical and psychological community care services: a comparison between young-old and older consumers in Korea
Hyesun Hwang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate sustainability: perception and response by older consumers
Johannes Stolz and Rafael Bautista [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Awareness and preference for functional foods: the perspective of older Italian consumers
Azzurra Annunziata, Riccardo Vecchio and Artur Kraus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Out-of-pocket health expenditure for poor and non-poor older adults in Colombia: composition and trends
Sergio I. Prada, Jorge L. Duarte and Ramiro Guerrero [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Original Articles

Effect on energy and macronutrient intake with partial replacement of external food supply by in-house cooking at a nursing home for older people in Sweden
Åse Tieva, Evelina Persson, Anders Rhodin, Anders Sköldunger, Sigrid Pettersén, Anette Jonsäll and Agneta Hörnell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A study of delayed purchases of enabling products in the United States: the case of hearings aids
George P. Moschis, Euehun Lee, Anil Mathur, Edward E. Rigdon and Choong Kwai Fatt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Age differences in consumer financial capability
Jing Jian Xiao, Cheng Chen and Lei Sun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]