TOC: Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 36(7)

Time to exit: Rational, behavioral, and organizational delays
Daniel W. Elfenbein and Anne Marie Knott [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Deals not done: Sources of failure in the market for ideas
Ajay Agrawal, Iain Cockburn and Laurina Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Adaptive aspirations and performance heterogeneity: Attention allocation among multiple reference points
Daniela P. Blettner, Zi-Lin He, Songcui Hu and Richard A. Bettis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attention allocation to multiple goals: The case of for-profit social enterprises
Robin Stevens, Nathalie Moray, Johan Bruneel and Bart Clarysse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining a key corporate role: The influence of capital allocation competency on business unit performance
Mathias Arrfelt, Robert M. Wiseman, Gerry McNamara and G. Tomas M. Hult [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of opportunities and founder experience on new firm performance
John C. Dencker and Marc Gruber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of corporate social responsibility on investment recommendations: Analysts’ perceptions and shifting institutional logics
Ioannis Ioannou and George Serafeim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Throwing caution to the wind: The effect of CEO stock option pay on the incidence of product safety problems
Adam J. Wowak, Michael J. Mannor and Kaitlin D. Wowak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Firm responses to social movement pressures: A competitive dynamics perspective
Desiree F. Pacheco and Thomas J. Dean [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of geographic and network ties on exploitative and exploratory product innovation
Muammer Ozer and Wen Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]