TOC: Service Ind J


Service Industries Journal, 35(10)

Guest Editorial

Online retail financial services in a changing world
Des Laffey, Ben Lowe & Anthony Gandy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impact of co-production on consumer perception of empowerment
Tina Harrison & Kathryn Waite [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social media strategy for online service brands
Adam J. Mills & Kirk Plangger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Enjoyment and social influence: predicting mobile payment adoption
Nicole Koenig-Lewis, Morgan Marquet, Adrian Palmer & Anita Lifen Zhao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trust disposition, trust antecedents, trust, and behavioral intention
Stephen W. Wang, Waros Ngamsiriudom & Chia-Hung Hsieh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]