TOC: J Mar Behavior


Journal of Marketing Behavior, 1(1)

From the Editor: An Opportunity for More Relevance from Broadening Behavioral Research in Marketing
Klaus Wertenbroch

Mission (Largely) Accomplished: What’s Next for Consumer BDT-JDM Researchers?
Itamar Simonson

Mission Creep, Mission Impossible, or Mission of Honor? Consumer Behavior BDT Research in an Internet Age
John G. Lynch

Which Mission? Thoughts About the Past and Future of BDT
Norbert Schwarz

The BDT Effect and Future: A Reply to John Lynch and Norbert Schwarz
Itamar Simonson

Percentage Cost Discounts Always Beat Percentage Benefit Bonuses: Helping Consumers Evaluate Nominally Equivalent Percentage Changes
Bhavya Mohan, Pierre Chandon, Jason Riis