TOC: J Personality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 108(6)

Can we undo our first impressions? The role of reinterpretation in reversing implicit evaluations.
Mann, Thomas C.; Ferguson, Melissa J. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Put your plan into action: The influence of action plans on agency and responsibility.
Damen, Tom G. E.; van Baaren, Rick B.; Brass, Marcel; Aarts, Henk; Dijksterhuis, Ap [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Not all inequality is created equal: Effects of status versus power hierarchies on competition for upward mobility.
Hays, Nicholas A.; Bendersky, Corinne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Awe, the small self, and prosocial behavior.
Piff, Paul K.; Dietze, Pia; Feinberg, Matthew; Stancato, Daniel M.; Keltner, Dacher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Living with limited time: Socioemotional selectivity theory in the context of health adversity.
Sullivan-Singh, Sarah J.; Stanton, Annette L.; Low, Carissa A. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dispositional greed.
Seuntjens, Terri G.; Zeelenberg, Marcel; van de Ven, Niels; Breugelmans, Seger M. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Automatic personality assessment through social media language.
Park, Gregory; Schwartz, H. Andrew; Eichstaedt, Johannes C.; Kern, Margaret L.; Kosinski, Michal; Stillwell, David J.; Ungar, Lyle H.; Seligman, Martin E. P. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What a_____ thing to do! Formally characterizing actions by their expected effects.
Wood, Dustin; Tov, William; Costello, Cory [Publisher] [Google Scholar]