TOC: Intl J Nonprofit Vol Sector Mar


International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 20(2)

Brave New Worlds: Fresh Insights into Nonprofit, Arts and Social Marketing
Roger Bennett and Finola Kerrigan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special Issue Papers

No pain, no gain: insights into changing individual volitional behaviour
Denni Arli, Krzysztof Kubacki, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Andre A. Pekerti and Aaron Tkaczynski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding the cultural consumption of a new wave of immigrants: the case of the South Korean community in South West London
Rita Kottasz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dynamic pricing in subsidized performing arts
Leticia Labaronne and Tilman Slembeck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Individual characteristics and the arousal of mixed emotions: consequences for the effectiveness of charity fundraising advertisements
Roger Bennett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Engaging consumers in esthetic offerings: conceptualizing and developing a measure for arts engagement
Elyria Kemp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tainted museums: ‘selling out’ cultural institutions
Victoria L. Rodner and Chloe Preece [Publisher] [Google Scholar]