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Harvard Business Review, May 15

Defend Your Research
We Can’t Recall Logos We See Every Day
Alan Castel
Or where the office fire extinguisher is.

Vision Statement
Beware Spurious Correlations
Tyler Vigen
How graphs lie.

The Big Idea
You Need an Innovation Strategy
Gary P. Pisano
And aping Apple’s won’t do it.

Beyond Automation
Thomas H. Davenport and Julia Kirby
The jobs no robot can do.

The Great Decoupling
Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAffee
Digitization lets us produce more of everything, but what if no one can afford to buy it?

A Better Way to Map Brand Strategy
Niraj Dawar and Charan K. Bagga
Could Budweiser become more distinctive? Should Dos Equis go more mainstream? A new tool lets brand strategists find out.

Luxury’s Talent Factories
Andrew Shipilov and Frédéric Godart
How luxury conglomerates make designers and executives more creative.

Managing Yourself
Conquering Digital Distraction
Larry Rosen and Alexandra Samuel