Tourism and Quality-of-Life


Best practices in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management: A Quality-of-Life Perspective; Abstract/chapter deadline 30 Jun 2015

CALL FOR BOOK CHAPTERS (A New Volume Book for Springer)

Book title (provisional): Best practices in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management: A Quality-of-Life Perspective

Series title: Applying Quality of Life Research: Best Practices

Guest editors:

Ana María Campón-Cerro, University of Extremadura, Spain José Manuel Hernández-Mogollón, University of Extremadura, Spain

Aims and scope of the volume:

The positive effects that tourism generates compose a topic of great interest and discussion, that affects the management and commercialization of tourism destinations and companies. A sustainable tourism development, respectful to the environment and the authenticity of the place, through a planned process, creates numerous economic and social benefits. Not only does it produce positive effects on residents’ quality-of-life (QOL), but it also influences tourists’ QOL, as they enjoy an enriching experience in the place they visit. In that sense, tourism destination and company managers need to base themselves on the results of research and real examples, when deciding on what kind of marketing and management may favor a better performance, and hence, improve both residents’ and tourists’ QOL. This volume is a compilation of research papers and case studies. It aims to contribute with some tools such as recommendations and good practices for decision-making in management and commercialization of tourism destinations and companies, due to the beneficial effects that tourism produces on their lives and well-being, on their experiences and, definitely, on the territories in which the activity is developed and on the involved agents.

Specifically the volume aims:

  • To be considered the preferred information source regarding research papers/case studies as regards tourism marketing and management with respect to QOL.
  • To be identified as the best working guide for anyone operating in a field of endeavor in which QOL as a result of tourism marketing and management action is a recognized key desired outcome for the residents of a destination or tourists.
  • To be recognized not just as ‘book on the shelf’ but rather, a ‘book in the hand’, or at least, ‘on the desk’. Thus, more than just a reference book.

Target audience:

The target audience of this book includes researchers, practitioners and (Masters/PhD) students in the field of tourism marketing and management. This book will provide recommendations for decision-making in tourism marketing and management regarding to the impact on QOL for residents and tourists.

Type of contributions and recommended topics:

  • Research papers: Both quantitative and qualitative contributions that study a particular aspect of tourism management and marketing regarding QOL will be considered, meaning that research in progress will be not be considered to be included in the book.
  • Case studies: Each case should present a specific problem about tourism marketing and management and the strategy adopted for its resolution, as well as the results obtained for QOL for residents and/or tourists. The analysis also should include, for each case, a brief theory note regarding the area of marketing or management involved.

These contributions can focus on the perspective of residents’ or tourists’ QOL. Also they can centre on any of the domains of QOL: economic, social, health or environmental, or any other dimension that the author/s believe/s interesting, always related to tourism marketing and management.

Content of each research paper/case study:

Contributions accepted are:

  • Research papers: Research papers have to include an introduction, an explanation of the theoretical context, the methodology implemented, the results obtained, and finally the conclusions reached, the practical implications and recommendations for best practices regarding to the topic.
  • Case studies: Case studies have to include and introduction, a theory note, the problem, and what was done to solve it, results achieved and implications to QOL and lessons learned.

All contributions, both research papers and case studies, have to include a list of references and a biographical note of each author in about 100 words.

Submission and formatting:

Authors who want to contribute to this volume have to submit an abstract between 150-250 words. The abstract should contain: (1) the title of the proposed chapter, (2) author(s) including affiliation, (3) type of contribution (research paper or case study), (4) abstract between 150-250 words describing the content of the proposal, (5) about 3 to 5 key words. Also, if authors prefer, they can submit the full chapter. Then, they will be answered about the proposal consideration for publication and they will be requested for revisions if necessary.

Both type of contributions have to have between 5000 and 7000 words in length (including references), taking into account the Springer formatting instructions


Contributions have to be original and not be submitted elsewhere.

The authors can submit the abstract or the full chapter until the 30th June, 2015. Please, email the proposal at After the evaluation, the authors of the selected abstract will be invited to submit the complete research paper/case study or they will be requested for revisions if necessary in case they have sent a full chapter.

The IMPORTANT DATES are: Abstract or full chapter submission:

  • 30th June, 2015
  • Invitation to submit the full chapter: 30th July, 2015
  • Full chapter submission: 30th October, 2015
  • Review notification: 30th November, 2015
  • Revised chapter submission: 30th December, 2015
  • Final notification of acceptance: 29th January, 2016
  • Final version submission: 29th February, 2016

Volume editors contact:

  • Ana María Campón Cerro Assistant Professor Department of Business and Economics Faculty of Business Studies and Tourism University of Extremadura Avda. de la Universidad, s/n, 10071, Cáceres, Spain Tel. +34 927257480
  • José Manuel Hernández Mogollón Titular Professor Department of Business and Economics Faculty of Business Studies and Tourism University of Extremadura Avda. de la Universidad, s/n, 10071, Cáceres, Spain Tel. +34 927257480