The Marketing of Nonprofit Organizations


Challenges Surrounding Branding, Attracting and Retaining Donors, Volunteers, and Clients, Special section of Marketing Management Journal; Deadline 1 Mar 2016

Marketing Management Journal – Special Section
The Marketing of Nonprofit Organizations: Challenges Surrounding Branding, Attracting and Retaining Donors, Volunteers, and Clients.

The increasing role of nonprofit organizations, and the associated behavioral change that many nonprofits inspire in the American culture, brings with it a set of unique challenges. The fifth special section of the Marketing Management Journal will focus on adapting traditional marketing practices for use by nonprofit, NGO, and other public sector organizations. Traditional marketers often miss the important strategic and tactical nuances when adapting marketing strategies and concepts to these new domains.

While representing nearly one fourth of all the wages of the U.S. economy, nonprofits and nonprofit marketing has not received its due in the marketing literature. Research focusing on nonprofit causes and movements, the marketing of higher education, health care marketing, and public relations is recommended. Other nonprofit marketing issues such as creating awareness, generating a positive image, causing attitude and behavior changes, building and retaining membership, and building and strengthening donor relations are subjects of interest to those in the field. Publication consideration will be given primarily to quantitative papers.

Submission Deadline: March 1, 2016

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