TOC: Pub Opinion Quart


Public Opinion Quarterly, 79(S1)

Cross-Cultural Issues in Survey Methodology
Timothy P. Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Surveys in Context: How Timing in the Electoral Cycle Influences Response Propensity and Satisficing
Susan Banducci and Daniel Stevens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Comparability of Measurements of Attitudes toward Immigration in the European Social Survey: Exact versus Approximate Measurement Equivalence
Eldad Davidov, Jan Cieciuch, Bart Meuleman, Peter Schmidt, René Algesheimer, and Mirjam Hausherr [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of a General Response Style on Cross-Cultural Comparisons: Evidence from the Teaching and Learning International Survey
Jia He and Fons J. R. Van De Vijver [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Traditional Values and the Inglehart Constructs
Zoltán Lakatos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measurement Equivalence of a Concise Customer Engagement Metric across Country, Language, and Customer Types
Dan Yu and Yongwei Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Practice of Cross-Cultural Cognitive Interviewing
Gordon B. Willis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book and Resource Reviews

Eldad Davidov, Peter Schmidt, and Jaak Billiet, eds. Cross-Cultural Analysis: Methods and Applications. New York: Routledge. 2011. 507 pp. $51.95 (paper).
Young Ik Cho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ronald Inglehart et al. Changing Human Beliefs and Values, 1981–2007: A Cross-Cultural Sourcebook Based on the World Values Surveys and European Values Studies. Mexico City: Siglo Veintiuno Editores. 2010. 266 pp. $24.00 (cloth).
David Sterrett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mark Tessler. Public Opinion in the Middle East: Survey Research and the Political Orientations of Ordinary Citizens. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 2011. 372 pp. $30.00 (paper).
Ginnifer Mastarone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Resources for Conducting Cross-National Survey Research
Tom W. Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]