TOC: J Applied Psych


Journal of Applied Psychology, 100(3)

Social network approaches to leadership: An integrative conceptual review.
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Stargazing: An integrative conceptual review, theoretical reconciliation, and extension for star employee research.
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Does ethical membership matter? Moral identification and its organizational implications.
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Follow your heart or your head? A longitudinal study of the facilitating role of calling and ability in the pursuit of a challenging career.
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Modeling reciprocal team cohesion–performance relationships, as impacted by shared leadership and members’ competence.
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Overcoming asymmetric goals in teams: The interactive roles of team learning orientation and team identification.
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Fairness heuristics and substitutability effects: Inferring the fairness of outcomes, procedures, and interpersonal treatment when employees lack clear information.
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Work–family conflict and self-discrepant time allocation at work.
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Sleep quality and self-control capacity as protective resources in the daily emotional labor process: Results from two diary studies.
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Insufficient effort responding: Examining an insidious confound in survey data.
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The impact of time at work and time off from work on rule compliance: The case of hand hygiene in health care.
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Searching for the right fit: Development of applicant person-organization fit perceptions during the recruitment process.
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Exploring qualitative training reactions: Individual and contextual influences on trainee commenting.
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