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Journal of Advertising, 44(2)

Reaching Consumers Through Effective Health Messages: A Public Health Imperative
Marla B. Royne & Marian Levy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reexamining Health Messages in the Digital Age: A Fresh Look at Source Credibility Effects
Ioannis Kareklas, Darrel D. Muehling & T.J. Weber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impact of Narratives on Persuasion in Health Communication: A Meta-Analysis
Fuyuan Shen, Vivian C. Sheer & Ruobing Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Have No Fear: How Individuals Differing in Uncertainty Avoidance, Anxiety, and Chance Belief Process Health Risk Messages
Sarah De Meulenaer, Patrick De Pelsmacker & Nathalie Dens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Humor Effects in Shame-Inducing Health Issue Advertising: The Moderating Effects of Fear of Negative Evaluation
Hye Jin Yoon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Healthy Kids: Examining the Effect of Message Framing and Polarity on Children’s Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions
Jessica Wyllie, Stacey Baxter & Alicia Kulczynski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Social Status of Health Message Endorsers Influences the Health Intentions of the Powerless
Joshua D. Newton, Jimmy Wong & Fiona J. Newton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Myth/Fact Message Frame and Persuasion in Advertising: Enhancing Attitudes Toward the Mentally Ill
Marie A. Yeh & Robert D. Jewell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]