TOC: J Promo Man


Journal of Promotion Management, 21(2)

Typology of Online Brand Communities: An Examination of South Korean Automobile Online Brand Communities
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America’s Most Admired Companies Social Media Industry Divide
Marcia W. Distaso, Tina McCorkindale & Alexa Agugliaro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Global Force for Branding: A Study of Attitudes, Intentions, the Military, and the Wars Overseas
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More Isn’t Always Better: Exploring the Influence of Familiarity When Using Multiple Celebrity Endorsers
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Celebrity Endorsement for Nonprofit Organizations: The Role of Celebrity Motive Attribution and Spontaneous Judgment of Celebrity-Cause Incongruence
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The Impact of Violent Content on Pricing of Media Products
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Corporate Communication or McCommunication? Considering a McDonaldization of Corporate Communication Hypothesis
Piet Verhoeven [Publisher] [Google Scholar]