TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 128(1)

Legal vs. Normative CSR: Differential Impact on Analyst Dispersion, Stock Return Volatility, Cost of Capital, and Firm Value
Maretno A. Harjoto & Hoje Jo

The Evolution of Vocabularies and Its Relation to Investigation of White-Collar Crimes: An Institutional Work Perspective
Abhijeet K. Vadera & Ruth V. Aguilera

Legitimation Work Within a Cross-Sector Social Partnership
Dominik Rueede & Karin Kreutzer

Service as a Bridge between Ethical Principles and Business Practice: A Catholic Social Teaching Perspective
Gregorio Guitián

Different Shades of Green Consciousness: The Interplay of Sustainability Labeling and Environmental Impact on Product Evaluations
Yoon-Na Cho

Relationships Between Machiavellianism, Organizational Culture, and Workplace Bullying: Emotional Abuse from the Target’s and the Perpetrator’s Perspective
Irena Pilch & Elzbieta Turska

Heroic Drucker
Jean-Etienne Joullié & Robert Spillane

Personal Motives, Moral Disengagement, and Unethical Decisions by Entrepreneurs: Cognitive Mechanisms on the “Slippery Slope”
Robert A. Baron, Hao Zhao & Qing Miao

Compassionate Love as a Cornerstone of Servant Leadership: An Integration of Previous Theorizing and Research
Dirk van Dierendonck & Kathleen Patterson

Teaching Critical Thinking Skills: Ability, Motivation, Intervention, and the Pygmalion Effect
Larry W. Howard, Thomas Li-Ping Tang & M. Jill Austin

Why Does Board Gender Diversity Matter and How Do We Get There? The Role of Shareholder Activism in Deinstitutionalizing Old Boys’ Networks
Elise Perrault

Linking Employee Stakeholders to Environmental Performance: The Role of Proactive Environmental Strategies and Shared Vision
Elisa Alt, Emilio Pablo Díez-de-Castro & Francisco Javier Lloréns-Montes

Industrialization Value, Market Maturity and Ethics
Emmanuel Chauvet

Oil and Water Do Not Mix, or: Aliud Est Credere, Aliud Deponere
Philipp Bagus, David Howden & Amadeus Gabriel

Empowering Employee Sustainability: Perceived Organizational Support Toward the Environment
Eric Lamm, Jennifer Tosti-Kharas & Cynthia E. King

Effects of Business Greening and Green IT Capital on Business Competitiveness
Shun-Pin Chuang & Sun-Jen Huang